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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Investing in stocks and mutual funds

My dear readers

You must be wondering that till now I have mainly talked about insurance and products with fixed returns while maintaining a silence on mutual funds and stocks. I would like to justify my stand. I am not a financial advisor but a person who shares his experience with readers. All my blogs till now have been products that I have used/ using and am sure can help others understand them better. I have given solutions to problems that I have myself faced as an investor/ customer/ financial services user.

I am investing in mutual funds and stocks but despite choosing them to best of my knowledge my returns have been unsatisfactory. Till I figure it out as an investor I would keep myself away from giving any advice on these instruments.

Till then I hope I bring you the knowledge that I gain everyday as an everyday person trying to manage his finances.


  1. Hello Rahul,
    I really appreciate your honest approach to your blog. Keep writing and we will keep reading.

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  2. Most of people get afraid to invest in the stock exchange because there is lot of risk to lose the money if stock exchange rate becomes low.

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