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My name is Rahul Agarwal.

An alumni of @IIMKozhikode, I am a technology marketer in love with any kind of cool tech. I have worked as a product marketing manager at a number of large and small software companies.

I intend this blog to be dealing with personal finance though at times I might divulge to related topics which may not be directly financial in nature but would affect us in o one way or the other. At this point you must be wondering why should I read this blog or what is this going to offer me. Well the thing is I don't promise anything. This is my journey to being an aware person from practically a dud one (notwithstanding my background in finance). That's what is interesting I knew the basics, knew the strokes but when I was put in the ocean I began to drown. That is when I got married. :)
Guts, guys, it has nothing to do with my wife who's a doctor. And should I risk commenting on my wife's financial literacy. Well after I finish writing this I have to stay at home. So more of it some other time (which by the way got better with time once she knew whom she got married to :), so she thought of better equipping herself with the knowledge rather than beating around the bush). So I was telling then I got married. That's when dawned upon me that not only was I responsible for my financial health but also that of my family. So I started reading n reading n tried to apprise myself with the nuances of the real world money management.
To start with both of us are earning so together our income is decent enough to maintain a decent lifestyle. And to credit of my wife we save enough while doing so. I won't claim that following this blog will change your destiny but what I want to emphasize is that this is how I did it in pretty satisfied with it. That's when it occurred to me to share my experience with those who were once like me.
I am not a professional financial adviser. This is my sharing of what I know, which I admit is not complete but is in a constant state of improvement through learning. 


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